The Great and Secret Game

"Damn it!" cried the long-bearded man in simple linen cloth as he ran through the jungle. He clutches a book covered in runes tightly to his chest. Cries in a mixture of English and Pashto come from a group of lean, muscular teenagers following him. The man turns and raises his hands, snarling at the boys, and begins to chant in rural-accented Russian. The line between dream and reality blurs psychedelically as he says - "Sons of Kim? Prepare to die!".

I want to make a game based on the secret war between Russia and England fought in India and parts of the middle east. Ideally, it'd contain spying, adventure, intrigue, and so on. I also want to add a twist of the supernatural - Russia and England are competing over mystical energies surrounding India, here considered the seat of the world.

Rasputin's (above) death was faked, and he was sent to India as a Russian agent. He and his followers face off against the psychically trained Indian street urchins known as the "Sons of Kim", as well as British Mages.

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