Union City Chronicles: Issue 0

Union City Chronicles
Issue 0: No Laughing Matter
Part 1
A young (though not as young as his appearance implies) prodigy begins investigating a series of robberies on behalf of The Organization. The robberies are being perpetrated by a small time member of the Clown Mafia, Bozo the Pogo.
The detective, one Dex Scott, captures Bozo and interrogates him, discovering a link to John Freight, JR, the son of a rich businessman. Both Scott and Bozo are found dead soon after.
Part 2
Two Orginization members, Dr. Benjamin Scott and the Phoenix Avenger are briefed regarding Dex's murder and are asked to look into it. They first talk with a man who's name changes every time they hear it. This man is a Clown Mafia member turned double agent, and he points the finger at Frieght and another, shadowy partner. He warns the heroes and off they go to confront Freight.
After being asked to wait for a time, our heroes meet Freight. At first he denies any involvement, but after he sees the heroes are immune to his fearsome presence, he takes a more direct route - slugging the good doctor out a 39th floor window. Luckily the Phoenix Avenger has his fair share of tricks up his sleeve.
He transforms into a blazing phoenix, torching Freight's office, and swoops out to catch Scott. Our heroes return to the window for a moment, trading threats with Freight, and a vendetta is born.


The Resistance

"Take up arms, my friends! Write your promises out on the walls of the city and let the people know that there is still freedom!"

It began two years ago when MegaCorp ruled a lockdown on the city. No people, goods, or even ideas got in or out.

Sure, they had been heading this way for a long time. Some people hoped this wouldn't happen. Some didn't care.

But now it's too late, and we all suffer for it.

The government has been bribed. The police are little more than mercenaries. The rescue workers are heroes for hire. Artistic expression, scientific thought, and even love... all these are forbidden, except when they are mandated.

The old and tired will not save us. They are too set in their ways and too reliant upon the establishment to fight. We must save ourselves. We will - nay, we must, for it is our responsibility - use every tool and weapon at our desposal to rid this city of it's oppressors and return freedom to our people - body, mind, and soul.

The Resistance is a game about underground cells of artists, musicians, fighters, lovers, destroyers, leaders, haters, masterminds, cons, acrobats, hackers, and much more... they all have one thing in common. They wish to free their city and prevent the destruction and decay they feel is iminent.

Inspirations include (in no real order) Grey Ranks, Jet Set Radio, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns/Strikes Back, Misspent Youth, Punkerslut's Writings, Bomb The Suburbs, Fight With Tools, and a few other things.

Characters use music (particularly pirate radio), art (graffiti and flyers), public demonstrations, private lectures, sabatoge and on rare occassion violence to attack the company and inspire others to join the cause.

Gameplay is only roughly developed, but I'm imagining some sort of hybrid between Grey Ranks, In A Wicked Age, and something that hasn't been written yet.
Working on it!