Fire from the Mount

Okay, I want to make a game about (fantastical, not real) early Christiandom.

You've got competing Acolytes, each with an agenda. They spread the word of Christ (modified to suit said agenda) throughout the land.

You'd have stats like Charisma, Clarity (how much your words and writing make sense to the common people), Miracle-working (either fake or real) and so on.

But Christianity as a whole would have a stat of Coherence. If anyone's teachings stray too far from another's, people notice and are less likely to convert. Or, alternatively, you have feuding and infighting. Either way, not good.

So you have a constant balance between pushing your agenda and staying close to what has already been established.

Furthermore, as the game continues and teachings are fleshed out, it becomes more and more likely that any given teaching will contradict another (I imagine this might give an advantage to anyone who had a high "initiative" or something).

Sounds pretty interesting so far...
What do you all think?

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