City of Refuge: Notes 1

Thanks to Jacob, I've spouted a few more ideas. These are just rough notes jotted down, to later be incorporated with the rest. (Everything here is by me, except the bit near the end labelled "EspynWislyn", which is Jake. Thanks J!)
Mind that it changes them physically as well as mentally. The starting state for a Faceless is pretty similiar to a Doppleganger in it's natural form, whereas the end result is essentially the character you are modelling, probably with some aspects changed or over-emphasized.

The Awakened are defined by their ego, their legend, their spirit. They are, to a man, larger than life.

So you might base your character on Batman, and he might be like Batman, but maybe his cape is living shadow or somesuch.

Well, the stuff at the end of rememberance is a start.
The idea is at first you roll a pool of dice to do anything important, only needing more successes than failures (4,5,6 is success).

So using more Spirit doesn't increase your chances of winning, actually, it just makes things bigger or more epic or what have you.

After all characters Awaken (have traded nearly all of their Spirit dice for Memories), there are different mechanics, where your memories make up your abilities.

I don't know how that'll work yet.

EspynWislyn (7:18:58 PM): You know, it'd be kind of cool if there were minor memories and major ones. Like, you start out remembering minor details, but then you have, like, major revelations that completely change who and what you are.

Maybe set a lock on dice spent? So that, in the first contest, you can spend 2 Spirit? Then more as you go? This would mean that bigger / more defining / more powerful / more important memories would come later.

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