City of Refuge: Drives

All Spirited characters (both the Faceless and the Awakened) are driven by certain powerful, subversive goals. Decide whether your character is Heroic, Villainous, or Ambiguous.

For a Heroic character, set one Heroic drive at 3 and one at 2, and set one Villainous drive at 1.

For a Villainous character, set one Villainous drive at 3 and one at 2, and set one Heroic drive at 1.

For an Ambiguous character, set one Heroic and one Villainous drive at 2, and set one Heroic and one Villainous drive at 1.

Heroic Drives
Fight Back The Darkness: You strive to defend the city and any other worlds you may find from the Shadowed and the Sea of Darkness. You seek to expand the barriers of the City and slay the denizens of Shadow wherever you find them.
Make Safe The Streets: You desire to protect your new-found home and it's people from the madmen, monsters, killers, and thieves that lurk in the city.
The Return Home: You seek to find a Portal home or some other passage through the Sea of Darkness. Most likely, your home has been Devoured - you can try to reclaim it, but it'll not be an easy fight.

Villainous Drives
Corrupted: You've been tainted by the Darkness. The Shadows call to you, and your own flesh and mind betray your Spirit. You may think that you control the Shadows within yourself, and perhaps you do - for now.
In My Image: You seek the means to warp the Light of the City to your own ends. You believe you can impose your Spirit upon the Sea of Darkness to create a new world - one that fits your every whim.
Power Broker: You don't really even care about the Shadows, or the Lost Worlds. You seek to gain power, control, and prestige within the City (or beyond it's borders, as it serves you).

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