City of Refuge: Lexicon 1

Ambiguous - A term for a Spirited character who straddles the line between Hero and Villain. Those with total Heroic and Villainous Drives within 1 of each other.

Awakened - Spirited who have remembered their pasts and been shaped by them.

City, The - The massive metropolis, the City of Refuge is the final home for all those whose worlds have been Devoured.

Darkness, The - The overall term for the Shadowed and the Sea of Darkness.

Devoured - Destroyed or changed beyond recognition by the Darkness.

Drives - The core goals enforced by the City upon the hearts of the Spirited.

Faceless - Spirited, newly arrived at the City. They must Awaken, or they will be Lost.

Heroic - A term for a Spirited character who embodies the Heroic Drives. Those with total Heroic Drives 2 or more higher than their total Villainous Drives.

Light, The - The spirit, ghost, element, entity, or force protecting the City from the Sea of Darkness. The closest to a God around here.

Lost - Those whose spirits have been Devoured. They are stereotypes, hollow shelves of their old lives.

Lost Worlds - The multitude of realms that have been Devoured.

Portal - A mystical doorway, the City is full of these. Keys, however, tend to be in high demand.

Sea of Darkness - The mass of Darkness outside the City, chaotic and all-consuming.

Shadow - A small, self-contained bit of Darkness.

Shadows, The - The whispers and intelligences of the Darkness. Sometimes synonymous with Shadow or Shadowed.

Shadowed - Living Shadows, or those corrupted by the Darkness to a point of becoming a Shadow.

Spirit - The shard of Light within the Spirited that keeps them from being Lost or Devoured.

Spirited - Those whose uniqueness, will, and ego raise them above the Lost. Divided into the Faceless and the Awakened.

Villainous - A term for a Spirited character who embodies the Villainous Drives. Those with total Villainous Drives 2 or more higher than their total Heroic Drives.

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