The Age of Despair: Young Heroes

So, I've started (for serious) a new gaming endeavor. I'm running Dungeon World campaign for two of my friends. The game is set in Krynn, the world of Dragonlance, at roughly the same time the War of the Lance happened in the actual novels.

The play thus far has revolved around the city of Solace, where our heroes grew up. The main characters are Via Letta, Jake's cleric of Gilean, and Marc, Kyle's ranger. both are human, and (if plans go according to plan) I hope they can introduce them themselves.

I'm also playing a side-game with Jake, revolving around Via's long-lost father, an explorer, adventurer, and ruin-delver who's "come out of retirement", so to speak, in hopes of finding his daughter.

We're playing in a dungeon crawl style, which is a new, rare thing for us. It seems to be going pretty well! I've got a few cool dungeons sketched out, and my hope is to bring in the advancing armies, dragons, evil cultists, and so on, leading up to some sort of conflict against the dark queen. We'll see, though!

More later, maybe! I'm excited!

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